New york opens up to autos

The New York City government has given the green light to all auto makers who are involved in the design of autonomous vehicles. They will soon be able to test their prototypes on the streets of one of the largest metropolises in the world.

Automobile manufacturers will certainly be delighted that the New York City authorities have just given their permission to test them on the streets of this city. It is a metropolis of exceptionally dense traffic, so it is the perfect testing ground for modern technology, giving manufacturers the ability to check how their solutions will be written on such crowded streets.

The city authorities’ approval was mainly due to the temporary suspension of the 45-year traffic regulations, which require drivers to hold at least one hand on the steering wheel while driving. Autonomous cars do not need a driver, so they could not drive in New York so far, because they would be in violation of the rules.

Of course there are several conditions that car manufacturers have to fulfill. The driver should have a valid driver’s license. In addition, tests must be conducted under the direct supervision of the state police and representatives of the City Department of Motor Vehicles.

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