Razer has announced a new Android TV console

Razer has so far focused solely on mouse accessories, keyboards, and headphones, but has been extensively expanding its Razer Blade range of laptops and tablets, and is now announcing its own console on the new Android TV platform.

Equipment that does not yet have a final name will play an entertainment center for our living room, which is connected to a large screen to stream music and movies, as well as video games. And they will not be casual productions, as the creative director of Razer, Min-Liang Tan, says the plan is to meet the expectations of hardcore gamers. That’s why the unit will be equipped with powerful components that allow you to run more complex and demanding titles. How strong, so far is unknown, because manufacturers have not yet spoken about technical specifications and equipment, but may choose to disclose it at the Gamescom Gamescom in Germany, which will take place in Germany.

The residual information is so far that the hardware will be supported by a dedicated mobile application, compatible with every tablet or Android smartphone, and you will be able to control it using voice commands.

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