SpaceX expands the spaceport

The private SpaceX consortium managed by Elmo Musk plans to build a rocket repair complex. A space workshop will be built at the company’s spaceport, where engineers will be preparing missions for Falcon 9 missions.

SpaceX is one of two private consortiums that has been able to build a reusable rocket that can launch and land alone after a mission. What’s more, the rocket not only lands on the ground, but it can also do on the water, and specifically on the specially prepared floating platform.

Reusable rockets also require maintenance and repairs. That is why the company wants to build a special workshop at Cape Canaveral that will take care of preparing them for further flights, as well as overhaul Falcon 9 missiles to orbit them. SpaceX is planning to rent a 4800 square meter building previously used by Astrotech Corporation.

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