Google Maps will inform you about train delays

Google Maps will inform you about train delays

Google is well aware of the popularity of Google Maps and ensures that the product offers users as much functionality as possible. The company introduces entirely new functions to it, which will not only save the internet package, but will also facilitate the use of mass communications.

This week Google has introduced several innovations to its Google Maps service, which millions of users use as GPS navigation. A few days ago the company released an update that improves the transparency of maps and makes it easy to find stations and other points of interest.

Now the company is testing another update that will appeal to people with very small Internet packages. The new feature allows you to use maps exclusively via Wi-Fi, as well as notify delays of mass transport. So if the bus or train we are waiting for is delayed, the maps will tell us that.

The function is fully personalized, so we can choose the route or route we are interested in and then we will be informed when the shuttle bus arrives there, will not arrive at the station at scheduled time.

Posted by Carmen Coleman in My Blog