Tesla sued for discriminating against employees

Tesla sued for discriminating against employees

Tesla Motors was sued by a former engineer. 69-year-old Thomas Flessner believes that the employer and his immediate supervisors have discriminated against him because of his age. After some time such treatment was finally released.

Older employees should be especially valuable to employers because they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the company, such as their ability to train new employees. This is not always the case and older workers are discriminated against because of their age, and even for that reason they are fired.

This was the case with Thomas Flessner, a former engineer at Tesla Motors who decided to sue Elona Musk. A 69-year-old man was hired in 2012 as a materials engineer and worked for a Fremont, Calif. The man claims that because of his age he was harassed by younger workers, and his supervisor hindered his life, making it impossible to correct mistakes, canceling scheduled meetings, etc. In February of this year Flessner was fired from the company.

The engineer decided to give the case to the court because he believed the company had harassed him because of his age. Two of the three of his superiors spoke negatively on the matter, and one of them, Paul Edwards, insisted that Flessner did not work as fast as he should.

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