The Chinese have created a car for solar energy

Chinese automotive products are starting to slowly conquer the world and in a few years most of the cars found on the road will come from your center. Interestingly, not only big companies are involved in car design, but also companies that have so far had little to do with motoring.

China Vanke, one of the largest Chinese developers, has decided to be in a completely new market sector for him and has just finished designing his first autonomous car. The manufacturer assures that the tests of the new vehicle have been completed and will be ready for sale next month.

The car created by the Vanke engineers is certainly not as beautiful and looks like a cable car’s cabin, so to speak, its front and back. However, this is not particularly important, because it is an autonomous vehicle, so the passenger is alike anyway, because his role is to sit back and sit back and wait for the vehicle to arrive.

The car is powered by solar batteries that charge the batteries to provide enough power for the whole ride. There are six chairs in the interior, and the entire deck can travel at a maximum speed of 35 km / h and travel with built-in GPS or magnetic track.

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