The latest benchmark for next-generation hardware

Graphics processors are becoming more advanced and equipped with efficiency-enhancing technologies, and benchmarks are no longer able to test their performance reliably. Basemark has developed a new type of sausage called Vulcan that will do the job.

Basemark, a leader in test tools and graphics systems, today introduced its latest product called Basemark GPU Vulkan. This is test software designed to test the performance of new graphics chips. The manufacturer ensures that its new tool will deliver the most reliable results and will compare the graphics and computing power of next-generation GPUs for mobile and desktop devices, compatible with the next generation of Vulkan APIs by Khronos Gtoup.

Basemark GPU Vulkan was developed in close collaboration with key semiconductor vendors such as AMD, Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Renesas. This allows for a very reliable benchmark, while ensuring the highest objectivity of research.

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